Police Briefs 07-21-2011

07/12/11 – Attempted Breaking and Entering, Non-residence

Officers responded to Austin Street for an attempted breaking and entering report. The manager showed officers that the glass front door had been broken in a spider web pattern but did not give way. No entry was made. Video of incident will be given to the A-1 detectives for follow up.

07/14/11 – Warrant Arrest

Officers on Main Street placed an individual under arrest for an outstanding Lawrence Court warrant.

07/16/11 – Attempted Breaking and Entering, Residence

A victim on Belmont Street reported to officers that while upstairs in her home, she heard someone pushing against her front door. She then locked her bedroom door and called 911. Officers did not observe any damage to the front door or the surrounding area. The suspect did not gain entry

07/16/11 – Attempted Robbery

A store security officer on Main Streetas well as a witness informed officers that two men entered the store and began to shoplift items while the 3rd remained outside. Upon leaving the store, one of the suspects stated, “I have a knife and I’m not afraid to use it.” The suspects then fled in the direction of the Mishawum housing development. One of the suspects was identified. This matter is under investigation.

07/16/11 – Trespassing

Officers on Main Street placed a suspect under arrest for a trespassing violation

07/16/11 – Drug Arrest

As a result of a drug investigation in the area of Lexington Street, an individual was placed under arrest for possession of a Class B controlled substance.

07/16/11 – Trespassing

Officers on Main Street placed an individual under arrest for violation of a no trespass order.

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