Honor Roll Call

Belmont Hill School – Edward Columbia (High Honors), Richard O’Keefe (Honors).

“Townies” sports update

Standout winger Michael Settipani, 5 goals and 12 assists, has been on fire lately for Hebron Academy…USA National Development Team (U-17) defenseman Matt Grzelcyk continues to impress, notching a goal and 13 assists in 28 games.

Help keep me in the “loop”

I’m looking for scoops on “Townies” who participate in sports/recreational activities in elementary school, high school, prep school or college.  Please E-Mail me at [email protected] with information or photographs and I will be sure to include them in a column.  I’d also love to hear about honor roll students or scholar athletes, or any story which would recognize the accomplishments of past and present “Townies.”

Not your typical team

For many high school hockey players, a typical game is played at a local rink with varying numbers of schoolmates, friends and family in attendance.  Win or lose, there will always be the next game on the schedule.  Some lucky skaters will play on teams that qualify for the State Tournament and be able to experience the thrill and excitement of playoff hockey.

Such is not the case at Malden Catholic.  Every game on their schedule is an “event” and the rinks where the Lancers engage their opponents are packed with a loyal following of classmates, multi-generations of alumni, scouts and coaches from all levels, and a bastion of knowledgeable hockey fans.  The NHL and Division I college scouts are easy to pick out in the stands because they are the ones drooling uncontrollably over the plethora of skill and talent on display each game.

Presently, Malden Catholic is widely regarded as the best high school hockey team in the solar system and the results of their games thus far offer no evidence to the contrary.  First-line Junior forward, and Honor Roll student, Brendan Collier is in the enviable position of playing on a line with three potential NHL picks (himself included).  I can’t imagine how many times during the season a rink announcer will proclaim some combination of “Vecchione, Collier and Fitzgerald.”

Playing under a microscope is no easy task as Malden Catholic is expected to win and anything short of the “Super 8” Title will probably be considered a disappointment.  However, with that pressure also brings opportunity.  Senior-transfer defenseman Paul Wrenn, no doubt, has had his name scribbled on a gaggle of notebooks with notations such as “physical tools, natural instincts and outstanding vision.”  I’d be willing to bet some of the scouts are also inquiring about “number 9” (Pauly Myers) and his stay-at-home skills and move-the-puck ability.

Regardless of how the Lancer season plays out, we are witnessing a very special group, and let the record show that the “Townie” hockey tradition at Malden Catholic is very much alive and well.

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