Police Briefs 12-30-2010

12/20/10 – Drugs

Officers on Medford Street placed an individual under arrest for an outstanding Charlestown District Court default warrant. During a booking search, Class B drugs were also found on his person. He will be charged accordingly.

12/21/10 – Drugs

As a result of a drug investigation in the area of Monument Square, a suspect was placed under arrest for possession of a Class B controlled substance.

12/22/10 – Operating Under the Influence

As a result of a motor vehicle stop on Main Street, a driver was placed under arrest and charged with operating under the influence of alcohol.

12/21/10 – Breaking and Entering, Non-residence

Officers responded to Main Street for a breaking and entering report. Upon speaking to the building supervisor it was learned that someone entered the premise by breaking a window latch and climbing in. The suspect took forty-five dollars in coins from an envelope and fled the area.

12/26/10 – Attempted Robbery

A victim reported that, while walking on Main Street a suspect, wearing a black “hoodie,” approached him. The suspect then punched him knocking him to the ground and demanded money. The victim did not give him anything. The suspect fled the area.

12/26/10 – Robbery, Unarmed

The victims reported that, while driving on Main Street, they observed a group of males blocking the street. As one of the victims exited the car to ask them to move the suspects immediately assaulted him as well as others in the car. At this point, the victims fled the scene to avoid their attackers. Upon returning to the car they saw the car had been moved and the windows were smashed. The victims were unable to describe their attackers. This matter is currently under investigation.

12/26/10 – Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon

A victim on Main Street reported, that while plowing the area, he was approached by a group of males who on several occasions knocked him to the ground. The suspects also hot out the window of the Bobcat he was operating with a B.B. gun.

12/27/10 – Assault and Battery on a Police Officer

While investigating the recent assaults in the area of Main Street, officers were able to place three suspects under arrest for various charges including assault and battery, trespassing, and possession of alcohol.

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