Morrissey Scholarship Event Scheduled for This Friday Night

By Seth Daniel


It would be virtually impossible to forget Ryan “Duce” Morrissey.

His imprint and memory are written all over Charlestown.

Nearly one year after the young man was shot and killed on Main Street in what has been described by law enforcement as a horrible case of mistaken identity, one can still see bumper stickers and pins bearing his name in every corner of the neighborhood.

The green shamrocks with the red ‘2’ in the middle – a symbol his mother used to put on his hockey sticks and equipment so that they wouldn’t get taken – can be found in Eden Park on the play surface.

That same symbol can be seen at youth hockey events.

There are sports tournaments dedicated to his name.

His work with the young kids at the Charlestown Boys & Girls Club as  Junior Staffer lives on as well – with the youngsters remembering how he played with them so patiently.

His parents, Stephen and Carol Powers, said they have seen tattoos on total strangers in the neighborhood, tattoos that displayed Morrissey’s shamrock and his name.

They know of 15 people who have done that, but there are likely many more.

One man even asked their permission to write a song about Morrissey, which both said was very moving and helpful.

Tomorrow, Sept. 18, one of the best ways yet to remember Morrissey will occur when the first annual Friends of Ryan “Duce” Morrissey Scholarship fund will hold its first annual celebration in his name and give away some $10,000 to four Charlestown students who share the late young man’s love of his home.

“The scholarship was actually started by a couple of friends of ours and we got involved so Ryan wouldn’t be forgotten,” said Carol in an interview with the Patriot Bridge. “The reason for the scholarship is that Ryan loved the Charlestown community. He loved

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