Governor Patrick’s victory

The Republicans changed the face of the Congress Tuesday.

They now control the House of Representatives.

They picked up more than a half dozen Senate seats but the Democrats maintain their control there.

It is a new day in Washington, where President Barack Obama awakened to a brave new world Wednesday morning.

In Massachusetts, voters marched to the beat of a different drummer.

Massachusetts voters once again showed themselves to among the most discriminating in the nation.

Voters here weren’t swept away by promises of tax cuts and job creation from candidates who could never deliver on their promises.

In Massachusetts, it was a Democratic sweep of epic proportions.

Governor Deval Patrick proved he was the better man against his Republican opponent Charlie Baker.

In the final analysis, Baker’s campaign never caught fire, never resonated and did not succeed with Massachusett’s voters.

Patrick’s personal touch, his strategy to stay on the high road and to never indulge in negative campaigning, swept him back into office for another four years.

Baker preached the message that people are angry.

Patrick said they were scared.

Baker promised to cut 5,000 more state jobs.

Patrick asked whether or not state jobs were jobs nevertheless?

Baker said we needed to cut and to reform government.

Patrick promised to maintain a steady flow of money for our public schools, to cut where possible, and to move forward in such a way that people were not just numbers but considered for their humanity.

In the end, Massachusetts voters showed their confidence in the governor and in his administration of government in this state.

Massachusetts voters showed their convictions with this vote – and with the election of all ten Congressmen and women and statewide offices by Democrats.

The nation swept in one direction.

Massachusetts swept in another, proving once again that Boston and Massachusetts are the Athens of America.

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