New Juicing Business Hopes to Open in Mid-September

By Seth Daniel

When Cara Birritteri wanted to help her father improve his health, she turned to juice.

Now, she’s bringing that same healing juice to Charlestown, hoping to open Boston Juicing on Main Street by mid-September.

“I’m a small business, and this is my first store, but the first of many to come,” she said this week, taking a break from renovations to the store across from Mishawum Park. “Boston Juicing was born out teaching people that food is medicine and medicine is food.”

Her first “patient,” so to speak, was her father, Sibby Birritteri – a successful North Shore businessman.

She said he had diabetes, was living a sedentary lifestyle and didn’t eat properly. One day, she challenged him to turn over a new leaf.

“I started this business because my dad had diabetes and was on medications and living a very sedentary life,” she said. “He would eat salami all the time and even fall asleep with it. I told him, ‘Enough with the salami.’ We decided to try an experiment. He went on a juice cleanse for six months and became more active. The result was he was able to cut down on his meds, and he felt so much better. I decided that if it could work for him, then it could work for other people. I’m passionate about being able to serve people food that is healing.”

Her father is helping her with the construction, and she has a managing partner, Khelsey Gernet, in the venture.

The idea is to use fresh, locally sourced ingredients to make cold-pressed juice. She will also offer healthy salads, artisanal sandwiches and organic soups.

Beyond that, she said she is extremely excited to locate in Charlestown and very impressed with how much the community has welcomed her.

“I did a lot of market research before I came here and then when I decided to locate here, I just had a feeling this was right,” she said. “I spent some time in the community and have been overwhelmed at how helpful and welcoming they have been.”

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