RFP Ready for Nanny Goat Hill Properties

By Seth Daniel

One might struggle to find Nanny Goat Hill if they weren’t a grazing goat in the early 1800s, but neighbors around the seven hilly parcels on Mead and Russell Streets know of them, and could be in the running to acquire them from the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) soon.

In March, the BPDA Board approved the sale of the lots to interested abutters. The lots are not buildable and would only support open space for existing owners. This week, the BPDA said it is just about ready to issue the RFP for the lots.

“BPDA has expended considerable staff time and agency resources in managing and maintaining these parcels over a number of years,” read an order from the BPDA in March. “Removing these parcels from the BPDA’s inventory would not only save the agency maintenance costs, it will eliminate a source of potential liability as this vacant land tends to be a magnet for dumping and loitering, despite fencing. As the Charlestown neighborhood experiences a very active residential real estate market and open space becomes less available, this is an opportune time to offer these parcels to enhance condominiums or townhouses with space that can made attractive as garden and possible terrace or patio space for abutting residences…They are of use only to direct abutters.”

The lots are primarily on a steep hill and the BPDA has visited the Charlestown Neighborhood Council (CNC) earlier this year to gauge support, which it got. The parcels are located in three contiguous groupings, are landlocked and on a steep incline.

The lots, former urban renewal lots, include:

  • Russell Street (1,406 sq. ft.)
  • Russell Street (6,899 sq. ft.)
  • Russell Street (1,650 sq. ft.)
  • 2 Eagle Pass ZZ (1,474 sq. ft.)
  • 47 Mead St. (1,550 sq. ft.)
  • Mead Street (2,859 sq. ft.)
  • 85 Bunker Hill St. (1,905 sq. ft.)

At least two of the parcels are behind a vacant land parcel on Bunker Hill Street that is believed to be the site of a future private residential development.

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