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I’ve known Jean McLaughlin for over 40 years through her husband Dennis. Often, I would walk into Boston over the High Bridge and join up with Denis on his way to work at Ray Flynn’s City Council office where he worked part-time. He walked all the time as a good form of exercise. On those walks, we talked of course about politics what else.

Dennis left us a long time ago and much too soon. Boy, the other day when I got up and ran to the bathroom (sometimes we have to run, right?), I splashed some water on my face and looked into the mirror and thought I still look the same as yesterday and realize yesterday only means 24 hours ago. The sun has risen and set many times since 1975 when I met up with the Mt. Vernon Street trio of Bobby Wallace, Joe Barnes and Dennis McLaughlin. It had to be the address of the Real School of Politics where you learn things you never learned in any classroom.

Over the years whenever I visited City Hall, I always turned toward the Mayor›s 5th Floor office to say hello to Jeannie and we would talk for a few minutes before I headed over to the council chambers. Hadn’t seen her in a while and wondered about that.

As I read the obit in the Sunday Herald, I felt sad again lately as more of my friends seem to be biting the dust. I guess it goes with all of us getting older. While getting older beats the obvious, I do remember younger days that have become great memories for me.

Jeannie, we will see you again on the other side in due time. You are remembered and loved by all who knew you.



Doesn’t the above headline remind you of Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels back some 40 nears ago when we were much younger and played records on a phonograph?

However I am not talking old songs here but reminding folks that Charlestown is remembering the guys down at the New England Homeless Shelter with new, white men’s socks. It is so easy to do and would be greatly appreciated by our homeless vets staying at this downtown shelter next to City Halll.

For more information, contact Billy Boyle at 645.3279 or Tommy Coots at 617.285.0912.



Yup, it is almost that time of the year again. The 104th Reunion Banquet of the Old Charlestown Schoolboys Association. It will all take place at the Knights on May 7. The doors will open at 4 pm. Why does everyone always think that old guys go to bed early every night. I always stay up for SNL to watch Alec Baldwin make a fool of himself.

For more information on this all important must attend banquet, get in touch with my friend Moe not the one who hangs out with Larry and Curly,  but Gillen at 617.242.3746.



The Warren Prescott Foundation’s 10th Annual Spring Fling Fundraiser will be held on April 9 starting at 4 pm at Boston Beer Works on Canal Street by North Station.

For more information, contact Abby Belge at [email protected]



I did. Did you? Don’t forget the Charlestown Historical Society and the Green Square Mile Production Team will be joining with the Knights of Columbus in hosting a special “10th Anniversary Screening of The Green Square Mile…The Story of the Charlestown Irish’ on Friday, March 10 at the Knights.

Hey, as a lifetime member of the Charlestown Historical Society and as the grandson of Charlestown Irish immigrants ( Harrington, Sullivan and Callahan) from Bere Island in West Cork, I know the importance of the Charlestown Irish to all of Boston.

For any questions contact Jimmy Walsh at 617.548.2398. See ya there.



We all know what seems to be happening. Agree , disagree, check out my Townie Tidbits next week.


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