Wynn Non-Profit Money Will Not be Held up by Somerville Appeal

By Seth Daniel

City officials said this week that the original $1 million check delivered by Wynn Boston Harbor to Charlestown non-profits more than a year ago is not hindered by the continued litigation with Somerville.

Samantha Ormsby of the Mayor’s Press Office confirmed this week that the $1 million will become available to local non-profits despite an administrative appeal of the casino licenses by the City of Somerville and ongoing litigation by that city as well.

Wynn delivered the $1 million check to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) in January 2015 as part of its licensing agreement with the MGC in that it would support Charlestown non-profits as part of its mitigation.

However, the City of Boston refused to accept the check, and it sat dormant in an escrow account for more than a year until Boston and Wynn resolved its differences with a Surrounding Community Agreement. At that time, the check was transferred to the City, where the Financial Department took possession.

Just one week later, Somerville filed its appeal and many believed that the $1 million Charlestown check was again relegated to the waiting room.

Not so.

However, City officials are still working on a process and a timeline for the distribution of those funds. No specifics have yet been released by the City for the process.

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