Community Help Sought to Find a New Name for CSAC

The Charlestown Substance Abuse Coalition was formed in 2004 to address the drug-related hospitalizations and deaths in Charlestown at that time. For the past 12 years, this community coalition has used existing community resources, has organized programs to respond to identified needs, and has harnessed the community’s energy and commitment to create a safe, healthy environment in Charlestown. CSAC is supported by the MGH Center for Community Health Improvement.

While CSAC remains a key resource for drug- and alcohol-related support and information, the coalition’s work has expanded into other areas, such as connecting families to local health care resources and supporting efforts to build youth resilience.

 Today the Charlestown Substance Abuse Coalition wants to change its name to better reflect the broader scope of its work. To come up with a new name, CSAC is holding a community-wide contest to come up with the best name to describe all the work they do.

Please help CSAC think of a new name. Entries can use the acronym CSAC or can create an entirely new name.

Here’s what you need to know:

The term substance abuse is no longer used in the medical field. Substance Use Disorders is the most common term used today by clinicians, advocates and people in recovery. Substance Use Disorders is an addiction, a chronic condition that can be successfully treated.

CSAC has four task forces that work on:

Prevention and Education

Family Support Circle Advisory

Policy and Environmental Change

Harm Risk Reduction through Navigation of Treatment and Overdose Prevention

CSAC is coordinating care among Charlestown providers and resources. CSAC provides information to help parents recognize the signs of possible drug and alcohol use by their children, and then connects individuals and families to the right resources to address their concerns.

 CSAC is coordinating care for individuals and families who have experienced sudden trauma to help them build resiliency and contribute to their well-being.

With its new name, the coalition will continue to work with other Charlestown volunteer groups like Charlestown Against Drugs and others to create a healthier environment for all the children in Charlestown.

Send your suggestions for CSAC’s new name to email [email protected] or phone (617) 726-0059. We will accept entries until Monday, April 4, 2016. We will call you if your suggestion is accepted, and the winner will receive an iPad mini. We will announce the winner in the Charlestown Patriot Bridge.

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