Townie Tidbits

By Sal Giarratani


I believe the above is a lyrics from an old song you might hear on Ron Della Chiesa’s Music for America radio show Sunday nights on WPLM-99.1 FM but for Keith and Sara Bauer I bet they could be singing that old song right now as they are happy, happy, happy with their good fortune. Two Massachusetts couples were winners of a million dollars a piece last week. The other winners were Bob and Susan Dole of East Bridgewater.

 Getting back to Keith and Sara Bauer their Powerball winnings will get them out of college tuition loan debts. Instead of owe-ing and owe-ing and owe-ing for a lifetime, they are now free and clear to move forward in their  debt free lives. Also, hearing that the couple will  help out their parents which is typical of Charlestown folk it is just great to see good people hit  a million from Powerball.

  I did stop by the 777 Convenience Store on Main Street last Thursday. The media were swarming the place, both print and broadcast. The whole town seems proud that someone from here won rather than someone on the other side of the country.

Meanwhile, store owner Vu Vo from Dorchester is one very happy Vietnamese guy at the moment. He gets a $10,000 bonus from The Lottery. Good for him too.

   I don’t know the Bauer couple but I am sure soon they will be finding plenty of long lost cousins and childhood friends coming out of the woodwork. It just one of those million reasons to get friendly with them.

   I say go in hiding for a bit and then return quietly after the money storm dies down. Or you could stay around and find me, I could use some money too (No I am just joking).

   With all the bad news going around lately, it is nice to read about something super great happening to a fine young couple.

   I think I will start buying my lottery tickets at the 777 , what a lucky number it turned out for the Bauers and Mr. Vo too.


Charlestown›s Jack Kelly has just joined the staff of City Councilor Bill Linehan’s office. Linehan announced  Kelly worked as Mayor Menino’s  Charlestown guy for Neighborhood Services for 5 years.  As Linehan stated,

“Jack will be a great addition to our staff. He will help lead the initiative to develop a strategy to raise revenue to combat the devastating effects of addiction. Given his experience in this field, he will help garner support and develop proper policy to help current efforts across the city and state.”

   Congrats Jack!


   A Christian Recovery Meditation Group now meets at St. Mary’s/ St. Catherine’s at 46 Winthrop Street every Sunday evening from 7:15 PM until 8:15 PM. If you wish to enhance your Step 11, TRY IT OUT.

   For more information, go to [email protected]. or call Sr. Nancy at 617.242.4664.

   Keep on keeping on and never give up!

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