The MBTA, Again

It is rather pathetic to come to the understanding that if the MBTA solves its 2012 deficit problem in the $160 million range with a fare increase and service decrease, the MBTA will be facing a more than $40 million deficit next year requiring another purge of service and fair increase unless a miracle occurs.

The situation is dire but no one in government wants to talk about exactly why?

First, officials say, it is the debt for expensive service systems.

But the dirty secret are the outrageous wages, health insurance and pension plans that are burying the MBTA. It isn’t just the debt and the juice for the debt, it is the salaries and benefit packages that are also aiding in burying the agency.

Still, we go along being told we should all pay more all the time, have less service and be happy.

The MBTA problem is all about the unreality of government in the modern age

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