Bunker Hill Redevelopment Will Postpone Online Workshops

Facing mounting difficulties as the COVID-19 outbreak response continues, the development team for the Bunker Hill redevelopment project said they will put the review of the project on pause rather than continue with online meetings.

In a letter to the community, and after reaching out to key stakeholders as well, the team said they are still committed to a formal process for the review, but will pursue that when things normalize rather than in an online format.

“A full and thorough in-person community input and permitting process, which has currently paused, will resume at a later date to be set by the City once we move through this unprecedented time,” read the letter. “Once the formal process resumes, we are committed to taking no shortcuts and will reschedule workshops and meetings as soon as we are able to meet in person again. We will continue to be engaged and working in earnest in our planning efforts.”

Originally, like many development efforts around the City, the team had scheduled three online workshops to communicate with the public despite the COVID-19 response. Those three workshops (March 18, March 25 and April 1) have been rescheduled to a later date, not yet determined, and will likely be in person.

To remain communicative, neighbors can reach the team through email at [email protected]. They can also visit the website at www.bunkerhillhousing.com.

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