Police Arrest Suspect in Home Invasion

At about 6:52 a.m. on Tuesday, June 26, officers from District A-15 (Charlestown) responded to a call for an armed robbery in the area of 400 Main St.

While en route to the call, officers were notified by the BPD radio dispatcher that the suspects were still in the area and last seen fleeing down Baldwin Street towards Bunker Hill Street. On arrival, officers spoke to the victim who stated that two males approached him, showed weapons and demanded money. The victim further stated when he ran into his home to escape the suspects, they followed behind him and stole several items from his residence before fleeing the area. While searching the area, officers observed an individual, who matched the description of one of the suspects, hiding behind a car in the area of Baldwin and Medford Streets. Fearing the presence of a weapon, officers immediately instructed the suspect to place his hands over his head. When the suspect refused, officers were forced to physically subdue the suspect. After brief struggle, officers were able to take the suspect into custody. A search of the suspect for weapons proved unsuccessful. However, while the suspect was being detained, the victim was brought to the scene to positively identify the person who robbed him.

Upon seeing the person being detained, the victim stated, “That’s him.”

During the booking process, the suspect was found to be in possession of several personal papers and credit cards belonging to person/victim who lived in the area of St. Martin Street. While returning the personal papers and credit cards to its rightful owner, the owner of the stolen property directed officers to the motor vehicle where the items had been stolen from. While looking through the car, officers observed and confiscated a black handgun, later shown to be a pellet gun.

Officers arrested Kewin Paul, 19, of Boston, and charged him with armed home invasion, assault by means of a dangerous weapon (gun) and receiving stolen property.

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