BTD Schedules Another Sullivan Square Meeting

By Seth Daniel

The Boston Transportation Department (BTD) has scheduled a second meeting on Sullivan Square for October to discuss the design results that were crafted following input from the first meeting with he community in June.

The meeting will take place on Weds., Oct. 26, at 6:30 p.m. in the Knights of Columbus, 545 Medford St.

“Please, join us for a project update of urban design and transportation alternatives for Sullivan Square,” read the notice. “The BTD wants your attendance to help shape the future of Sullivan Square and looks forward to your participation.” The BTD came to the community in a meeting on June 30 with preliminary designs for the upper portion of the corridor on Rutherford Avenue, from City Square to Austin Street.

In October, City officials will return to the community with an official design for the upper portion, and to also begin the larger conversation on Sullivan Square, from Austin Street to the  circle.

That portion of the conversation will be much more involved, as it entails discussing what to do with the tunnel near the Square and what to do with the Square itself. The community has been divided in the past about what to do with the tunnel portion – some wanting to remove the tunnel and others wanting to rebuild it.

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