Training Field Planning Opening Celebration on June 14

By Seth Daniel

It’s been a long go of it, but the Friends of the Training Field have applied for permits and intend to celebrate the opening of the refurbished, historic park on Tuesday, June 14, with a community celebration.

The gathering will be from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

“We are applying for permits and our intention is to have a community gathering on June 14,” said Dianne Valle, president of the Friends. “We have eight community partners coming to participate in the festivities. It will be a gathering and a meet and greet and interactions with the community groups and there will be a Flag retirement ceremony too – as it is Flag Day.”

Valle said the Training Field has come together nicely, with the fence now installed and new trees up and benches. The grass will still be fenced off until September so that it can grow, but the pathways on the Field will be opened.

“What could be better?” Valle asked. “We’re thrilled. We understand there will be an official opening with the mayor and the officials in September, but we wanted to get together in June when it opened for a gathering that is less official, but still a celebration. It’s an appropriate time now for us to come together, and we’ll come together again in September when the mayor cuts the ribbon.”

Valle said there will also be a big push this summer to educate dog owners by the Friends and by CharlestownDogs about what will be expected when the fences come down and the grass is accessible.

No longer will the Field be an off-leash running ground for dogs and their owners.

“We want to set an expectation with CharlestownDogs now for what is appropriate conduct at the Training Field,” said Valle. “We are looking to CharlestownDogs to educate people that dogs have to be on leash and owners have to pick up after their dogs.”

In other news, Valle said they have put in a formal request regarding the use of the Training Field as a staging ground for vehicles in the Bunker Hill Day Parade.

“It really doesn’t make sense to have them inside the Field anymore,” she said. “Maybe it’s a new standard going forward…Hopefully the City will maintain that and accept that request and find parking in another place. The Friends of the Training Field have requested we don’t have staging and parking for the Parade here…There’s always parking underneath the Bridge and it’s a short walk.”

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