Walmart in Boston

Mayor Menino does not want Walmart operating in Boston. He believes the retailing giant is just that, a giant whose ability to wipe out smaller store owners far outdoes any good that it does as a provider of jobs and cheaper prices for working people.

He has a point. The point is well taken.

No one in this neighborhood would want a Walmart – and so what is the rush to have it anywhere else?

Life is good without Walmart.

We’re not sure Walmart would make life any better.

There is the likelihood they might oneday prevail over the mayor’s reasoning.

But that day isn’t coming soon.

Walmart is now contributing money to local charities in the hope that will help their case.

What Walmart doesn’t get is that the mayor of Boston can’t be bought, plain and simple, that is the absolute case.

No amount of money Walmart contributes will change the mayor’s mind.

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