The Knights of Columbus Hall

It is a place as hallowed as any; filled with unforgettable moments that have touched the lives of so many “Townies.”  Anthony’s Dream, Daughters of Isabella, Chief Marshall Banquet, Charlestown Business Associates, Old Schoolboys, Life Focus Center, Neighborhood Council, youth sports organizations and Special Townies all call it home.  Reunions, fundraisers, wedding receptions, political caucuses, birthday and holiday celebrations, anniversary gatherings and most any other type of special occasion are held year-round in the upper and lower halls.  Musical performers have included Paddy Reilly, Tommy Makem, Herb Reed and the Platters, as well as home-grown talent such as Dennis Taylor, the Bunker Hillbillies, Ground FX and the Bunker Hill Pipe Band.

How many of us have Hully-Gullied, Strolled, Twisted, Mamboed, Waltzed, Electric-Slided, Chicken-Danced, or in Joanie Crowley’s case tumbled across the parquet dance floor; or busted a gut to the zaniness of Tony Viveiros, Lenny Clark and Steve Sweeney.  Some have even had the courage to get up and sing, or some type of facsimile thereof, in a spur-of-the-moment display of showmanship.  It is a place where having a good time is the order of the day.

The substantial generosity provided through the years by members of the Knights of Columbus is well-known to college-bound students, social organizations, disadvantaged and special needs groups, neighborhood fundraisers; and some of the heart-wrenching speeches, particularly by those receiving Community Appreciation awards, exemplify what makes Charlestown so special.  There have been many rumors of the hall’s demise, but, here’s hoping my children’s children can share in some of the same unforgettable moments that I’ve had the privilege of experiencing.  THANK YOU, Knights of Columbus!!!

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