Spring Sports State Tourney Hopefuls

BASEBALL: The Brewster Academy Bobcats (11-1), led by slugger Aaron Titcomb, continue to steamroll and are one of the elite Prep School teams in New England…Reardan Sweeney’s Everett High School squad (10-2, ranked #14) continue to turn heads and are a strong contender in the Greater Boston League… The O’Bryant School (7-5) is in the tourney mix as outfielder John Posada is emerging as an offensive force…Standout catcher Jonathan Vega and his Fenway squad (4-4) are also making noise in the Boston City League…

The St. Clement Anchormen (5-9), featuring Joe Codair and Daniel Settipani, are still in the hunt for a tourney berth… Hebron Academy (2-6) and outfielder Michael Settipani have suffered several heartbreaking losses but can exact revenge and get them­selves back in the playoff hunt with a second half surge…

Andrew Considine and his East Boston team (1-8) look to build momentum for next year…

SOFTBALL: Boston Latin (13-2, ranked #8), with sensa­tional pitching and an air-tight defense, show no sign of letting up; Julia Caldwell is also emerg­ing as an impact player…The “Townie” contingent at Latin Academy (5-7) will play a big role if their team is to qualify. Bevin Donovan, Kayla DeRosa, Brittany McLaughlin and Colby Cahill bring a depth of experi­ence and talent…Captain Brigid Roy, one of the Catholic Central League’s most underrated play­ers, has her St. Clement team (4-8) still alive for a tourney spot…

Though not mathematically eliminated, Mt. St. Joseph (3-9) and the Kelly sisters, Kacie and Kiersten, face an uphill battle to qualify…Standout Mackenzie White has been a bright spot on what has otherwise been a frustrating year for East Boston (0-4).

LACROSSE: At Arlington Catholic (11-3), sophomore reserve goalie Brendan Cantin continues to show improvement as his team has already quali­fied for the MIAA tournament… Matthew Johnson, Blake Ferry, Nolan Carrier, Brendan Collier and Patrick Wrenn continue to excel for Malden Catholic (4- 8). The Lancers, who compete against many of the best players in the State, are still alive for a playoff berth in the grueling Catholic Conference…

Matignon (1-7) speedsters Meaghan Doherty and Aileen Callahan lead a talented group of underclasswomen. Though taking some lumps, the team has a bright future.

TRACK: B.C. High’s (2-0) A.J. Murphy (2-mile), Arlington Catholic’s (7-0) Alyssa Sullivan (2-mile), and Mt. St. Joseph (0- 2) freshwoman Aislinn Carrier (2-mile, triple jump) are making their mark in Track & Field, with Murphy’s Eagles team considered to be one of the best in the State.

The carnival

When I was a kid, my favorite time of the year was always the end of spring.

The school year was winding down, the Bunker Hill Day and Fourth of July holidays were “right around the corner” and soon, my friends and I would be engrossed in a plethora of summertime activi­ties. It also meant that the carnival was due to arrive for its annual visit to Charlestown.

Ryan Playground was where the carnival would ordinarily “set up shop,” and after a week-long stint a fireworks display (from a barge situated in the “Neck” channel) foretold of its imminent departure.

I also remember, however, the carnival being located at Barry Playground (the “Oily”), Hayes Square (where the new Police Station is currently located) and at the lot across from the Hoods Plant (the present site of Sovereign Bank).

Despite our familiarity with the array of rides and attractions, my older brother Dennis and I (and what seemed like half the popula­tion of Charlestown) would head to the carnival every night. We’d ride on the Himalaya, Tilt-a-whirl and Whip, shoot basketballs and water guns, toss rings, throw base­balls at milk bottles and pop bal­loons with darts; and the smell of cotton candy, popcorn, sausages and pizza, and the groan of the generators that were used to power the rides were hypnotizing.

Even the bearded lady, tattooed man and sword swallower never lived up to their “most amazing show on earth” billing, but we bought a ticket and went in the tent anyway, year after year.

It was also assuring to see young couples, many of whom were on their first date, walking hand-in-hand, boyfriends trying to win their sweetheart a kewpie doll or stuffed animal, parents enjoying time with their children, or even groups of kids hanging out and having fun together.

I rode the Ferris wheel with my brother only once, because while we were stopped at the apex (as the ride attendant transferred pas­sengers below) he wildly rocked the carriage back and forth. I screamed in horror.

Today, I still break out in a cold sweat whenever any of my kids ask me to ride a Ferris wheel, a request my wife gratefully fulfills.