Warren-Prescott Students Sing their Way to $10,000 for Music Education

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Members of the Warren-Prescott Chorus perform at last year’s Monument Exercises on the June 17.

Similar to many schools across the country, Warren-Prescott Elementary School in Charlestown, Mass. has suffered severe budget cuts, resulting in music and arts program disruption. After learning about the opportunity to win $10,000 toward its school’s music program, the elementary school’s vocal group created, performed and videotaped an original mash-up – the combination of two or more songs – for America’s consideration. With great talent, and the support of its community, the school secured the coveted title, “Fruitables Best Elementary School Music Mash-Up in America” and $10,000 from Apple & Eve® Fruitables  – a mash-up of fruit and vegetable juice – toward its music program.

After school music education at Warren-Prescott is funded entirely through grants, donations and participation fees, which many students from low-income households cannot afford. “This gem of a school lies in the heart of a very diverse community, and the school reflects and celebrates that diversity,” music teacher Olivia Thompson said. With the $10,000 grand prize from Fruitables, the school plans to create a music scholarship fund that will enable all students, regardless of economic status, to participate in the school’s music program.

“The level of talent and enthusiasm displayed by Warren-Prescott and all of our Mash-Up entrants this year has only strengthened our belief in the importance of music and arts education,” said Gordon Crane, CEO of Apple & Eve. “We are very proud to once again support this important cause through our Fruitables brand.”

The Warren-Prescott school chorus, led by Thompson, was chosen as the contest winner based on its mash-up performance of “Goodbye To You” by Scandal and “You Can’t Hurry Love” by Diana Ross and The Supremes. The school’s entry was initially selected as a finalist by an independent panel of judges, which included Cory Monteith of FOX TV’s Glee, then selected as the winner through a national vote. The performance is posted online, and available for viewing, at www.Facebook.com/AppleandEve.

The search for “Fruitables Best School Music Mash-Up in America” is a part of “Seeding the Arts,” Fruitables’ larger mission to support underfunded music and arts programs in schools across America. Apple & Eve Fruitables reemphasized its commitment by teaming up with the VH1 Save The Music Foundation once more to support the organization’s mission to restore instrumental music education programs in American public schools, and to raise awareness about the importance of music as part of each child’s complete education. In addition to its initial donation of $30,000, Apple & Eve will donate $1 to the VH1 Save The Music Foundation for each new “Like” on the Apple & Eve Facebook page until August 31, up to a maximum donation of $50,000.

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