Paul Revere Comes to Charlestown

-By Ken Stone

On the beautiful Monday morning of April 18 City Square Park was crowded with people of all ages to enjoy a short visit by an actor on a horse playing Paul Revere.  The historic ride by Paul Revere to Lexington and Concord started in Charlestown and the reenactment occurs once a year in April as a reminder to us that independence and freedom began here.

This year’s event was a success thanks to The National Lancer’s for the reenactment of the famous ride and for the efforts of the Friends of City Square Park, the Charlestown Mothers Association and Charlestown Working Theater actors Gus Viveiros, Cecilia Viveiros, Livia Kelly and Myer Segal.  Special thanks go to Tom Coots of the Charlestown Cooperative Bank for playing the historic Charlestown person Deacon Larkin who in 1775 loaned Paul Revere a horse.  And finally, thanks go to Ethan Beeler of the Boston National Historical Park for his help.


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