Police Briefs 04-14-2011

04/04/11 – Vandalism

A victim reported to officers that, while driving on Main Street, three unidentified suspects yelled at her then one of them threw a brick through the rear window of her car. No suspects were located at this time.

04/06/11 – Robbery

During the late hours of April 6 and the early morning hours of April 7 there were three separate store robberies occurring on Main Street, Austin Street, and Cambridge Street respectfully. Also there was a pizza delivery person robbed of money on Green Street. As a result of the subsequent investigation and with the help of video surveillance an individual was placed under arrest and charged with all four crimes.

04/07/11 – Shoplifting

An officer, while working a paid detail on Austin Street, placed and individual under arrest for shoplifting.

04/09/11- Trespassing

As a result of a call for a disturbance on Third Avenue an individual was taken into custody and charged with trespassing as well as being a disorderly person.

04/10/11– Breaking & Entering, Residence

A victim on Baldwin Street reported that, upon returning home, they observed that the front door had been jimmied and was wide open. Stolen from the home were various electronic items as well as assorted jewelry. Detectives are investigating.

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