Public Health Warning Issued Related to Recent Sewage Discharge

By NEW Health

NEW Health celebrated the one-year anniversary of the Charlestown community fridge with a #fillthefridge challenge that just ended on November 30. The concept was simple, fill the fridge, take a picture and post it on social media, then tag someone else to keep the chain moving. With high demand at a critical time, the Charlestown community stepped up to face the challenge.

With over 30 different donations during November, the fridge was filled nearly every day. Notable Charlestown organizations including Brewer’s Fork, Place and Gather, Mocking Bird Baby and Kids, Slate, Monroe, Essem Art Studio, and the Charlestown Mothers’ Association all made generous contributions to the fridge.

NEW Health thanks everyone who participated in the challenge and to those who make contributions throughout the year. The fight against food insecurity is ongoing and the need for food remains high. If you want to contribute to the community fridge, it is open 24/7 at NEW Health’s 15 Tufts Street location. Donors are encouraged to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, but any commercially packaged items are accepted.

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