Author Alexandra Salmon’s Novel ‘Can’t Turn Back’ Now Sold at I Am Books

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“Can’t Turn Back,” the debut novel of local North End resident and author Alexandra Salmon, is now sold at “I Am Books,” the North End’s Italian-themed bookstore on Salem Street.  Salmon, who has lived in the North End for over 6 years and wrote parts of it while living in the neighborhood, published the novel in late 2020.  “I Am Books” is the only physical location where readers can purchase a copy. They are also available on Amazon.

“Can’t Turn Back” is about a family from Massachusetts who is forced to enter the witness protection program after its father’s ties to organized crime are revealed.  They attempt to re-start their lives in northern Michigan with a blank slate and repair their relationships with one another while forging new identities, but find many of the same challenges they left behind waiting for them as they move forward. 

“It’s not a true story, or based on my life,” says Salmon.  “It’s fiction.” 

“I Am Books” recently re-opened a brick and mortar location in the North End after moving exclusively to online sales from their North Street storefront during the height of the pandemic.  They returned to the North End with their Salem Street location in December of 2021.

“Ever since I heard ‘I Am Books’ was coming back to the North End, it was a dream of mine to be able to sell my novel in their store.  I love having them as neighbors, and I love the North End.  Everyone’s support has been so incredible, I’m so grateful.  It’s the perfect fit,” says Salmon.  “I am honored they chose to carry my book, especially because I’m not actually Italian!  And their new location is amazing, I still can’t believe it.  I’m very humbled.”

Salmon is currently working on her second novel.

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