Use Common Sense When Driving

Perusing through the police reports these days makes it apparent that the winter season is here — and with it, the usual array of traffic incidents and accidents.

Although we have not had any of the big blizzard-type of winter events this season (at least so far), we now are in a period of a stormy weather pattern that is sending us small snow & ice events that in reality are even more treacherous than big storms.

The number of auto accidents seems to be inversely proportional to the size of the snowfall. It’s as though motorists think, “This isn’t too bad,” and then proceed to drive too fast for the conditions.

In addition, we would remind our readers who have all-wheel drive vehicles that four wheels on ice are just as useless as the two wheels of a rear-drive vehicle, if you know what we mean. In other words, ice is ice is ice, regardless of what kind of vehicle you may be driving.

So during this upcoming period of stormy weather, if you do have to be out on the roads, please drive SLOWLY. There is no such thing as exercising too much caution in wintry weather

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