Malden Catholic on Track for Unprecidented Growth in 2021

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Malden Catholic High School has successfully provided live and remote interactive curriculum taught in a Hybrid model throughout the fall and the school has hosted over 400 potential Class of 2025 families in-person for socially distanced small group presentations and tours. As a result, Malden Catholic has received an increased number of applications to date for the 2021/2022 school year and is anticipating double-digit growth in enrollment. MC is currently over 660 students and is expected to reach over 730 students in 2021. 

“Malden Catholic is committed to educating the whole person and we were able to rise to the occasion during the pandemic. At MC, we have created an experience that has been as close to a traditional school year as possible,” stated Headmaster John K. Thornburg. “Throughout these challenging months, our entire community has maintained a strict Culture of Health, we successfully executed a Hybrid Model with best-in-class technology for optimal classroom instruction and provided active programming for our students over the past few months with 15 virtual clubs and events.” Thornburg added, “As a highly responsive educational institution, and we believe that our quick adaptation to exceptional live and virtual academic learning formats has sparked our admissions growth.”

“Our son is a Junior and he has had an amazing year with strong academics, and he has had no interruption in his education. He is at school two days per week in his cohort and is fully engaged. He is working even harder this year than in years before,” stated Kevin and Missy Barrett. “The school has done a fantastic job navigating COVID!”

Malden Catholic admissions applications will be accepted throughout December 2020 and Malden Catholic encourages students to apply from the surrounding communities. The list of accepted students will be announced on February 1, 2021.

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