Guest Op-Ed : Continued Support for Peace Park

Joint Statement About the Peace Park from the Clergy of Charlestown

As members of the clergy serving both the Catholic and Protestant traditions in Charlestown, we want to express our continued support for the Peace Park that was revitalized by the students affiliated with Turn It Around and in conjunction with the Charlestown Coalition. We recognize the diversity we represent concerning our faith backgrounds and see the diversity that is also represented in Charlestown.

We hope that not only our congregations see our stand for unity but that we may also show our unity for such a necessary community project in Charlestown. The stated purpose of the park is to show a united Charlestown that is committed to being a community and to showing the resilience of our neighborhood. Those qualities are ones that we can all agree on, regardless of our ethnic, economic, or religious background. We hope that as a community, all of Charlestown will embrace the principles for which this Peace Park stands.

Additionally, we stand united when we denounce the damage and vandalism that was done to the Peace Park. Historically, memorials to the deceased regardless of cause have been respected and considered to be something that no one would disturb. Many have lost loved ones to addiction and other causes that were memorialized at the Peace Park, and those memorials have been stolen and can never be replaced. We hope that those responsible would return what was taken and be held accountable for their actions that have hurt people in our community.

We know that Charlestown is much stronger than the actions of the individual or small group of people who have vandalized the park. We commend and celebrate the outpouring of support and unity for the Peace Park and for those affected by what has been done to it. We know that the community will rally together and rebuild it. Our hope and prayer is that this park will be a symbol of a united Charlestown for generations to come.

In His Service,

Reverend Daniel J. Mahoney

Pastor – Saint Francis de Sales

Rev. Erik J. Maloy

Lead Pastor – First Church in Charlestown

Very Reverend

James J. Ronan, VF

Pastor – St. Mary –

St. Catherine of Siena Parish

Rev. J.D. Mangrum

Pastor – Christ Church Charlestown

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