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The news is out there at the end of this year, basically the Charlestown post office must leave the Bunker Hill Mall because the owners of the mall and CVS Pharmacy are working on expanding into where the post office is today.

The Charlestown Post Office back when I was 20 years old existed on Main Street under the El across the street from Connie McCarthy’s appliance store. Then it went up to Bunker Hill Street next for to the old municipal building now elderly house. Then to the old Bank Building in Thompson Square and then finally to the mall after it opened up.

However, back in those days, there was still real estate availible but look around today. Where is there  anyplace  that the  could re-locate. I’m just thinking out loud, isn’t that why the Dollar Tree Store opened up inside old St. Catherine’s  Church

Looking around, I see nothing positive as potential sites except maybe way over at Hood Park which is so far away from actually people. Not very convenient except by motor vehicle.

Charlestown folks need to start a quick conversation about this issue. We need to organize and start putting pressure on all our elected officials. We need to work them for solutions because the

The Charlestown post office is too important a public necessity to lose. More on this story to follow. Start talking together now.


Our Bunker Hill Florist is now a piece of history and now it is time to move onto Junebug Florist at the same location on Main Street.

Stopped by last week to pick out a great, yellow-colored rose. Great flowers to be had at Junebug. Great signage outside is on the way, but you can’t miss the place  a few doors down from Zume’s coffee shop.

The new owner of this flower shop is Amanda Mitchell and there still are a few employees like Tom Cobb working at the newly-named florist shop. Stop by, check out the place and say hi to Amanda and her crew.

They are here to stay.

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