Letters to the Editor

We Need to Address Our Traffic Issues NOW

Dear Editor:

Last month the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) presented the latest plans for the North Washington Bridge construction. The bridge, when completed, will be a spectacular, efficient and great addition to our roadway connecting Charlestown to the North End.

Many in the audience, while appreciative of the new bridge, voiced their concerns regarding not only the traffic issues during construction, but traffic as we see it today.

We in Charlestown are surrounded by gridlock, morning and evening.  What is being done to deal with this idling parking lot? Not much.

Who will listen to our concerns and help to find some solutions? That’s a good question.

As suggested by a member of the Boston Transportation Department, a meeting on October 26th regarding the Sullivan Square and Rutherford Avenue and Austin Street could be a place to voice traffic concerns. Really?

This is not only disingenuous but also ill advised. Many in the community have been working for years, especially regarding the Austin/Rutherford roadways. While this meeting will address traffic, the purpose is solely to iron out designs, etc. for this particular roadway. This is not the right forum to tackle this major issue.

It would have been refreshing for someone from the DOT or BTD to suggest to the audience, yes, we know there are traffic issues and how can we work together to help resolve the traffic nightmare? Perhaps we could schedule a meeting devoted to listen to your concerns and try to come up with some solutions. So simple, but that didn’t happen.

We in Charlestown need to come together now and ask the DOT and the City of Boston to schedule a meeting for the sole purpose of helping us out with our present traffic situation that not only affects our quality of life but our health as well.

Ann Kelleher

Thank you

Dear Editor:

 I would like to thank the Charlestown Schoolgirl›s Association for selecting me as one of the the receiptiants of the Colonel William Prescott Scholarship’s. This scholarship will assist me as I continue  my education at Salem State University.

Rose L. Sullivan

Salem State University


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