Bunker Hill Housing Development Moves Closer to Being Re-Done

By John Lynds

Developers responsible for the project to replace the aging Bunker Hill Housing Development in Charlestown officially filed their ‘Letter of Intent’ with the Boston Redevelopment Authority this week.

In its letter to the BRA, Corcoran-SunCal wrote that they plan to demolish the existing 1,100 units of public housing; construct 1,100 brand new units of public housing; and  2,100 units of market rate and workforce housing; and add two new neighborhood parks.

Corcoran-SunCal said they plan to submit a Expanded Project Notification Form (PNF) within the next 30 days and will hold further community meetings with elected officials, the BRA and Impact Advisory Group appointed by Mayor Martin Walsh.

Because the Bunker Hill Housing Development has been an isolated section of the community with Bunker Hill Street being the dividing line between two Charlestowns, Corcoran-SunCal hopes to return this section of Charlestown into a thriving community.

In the Letter of Intent Corcoran-SunCal said it is hoping to change the disconnect between the Housing Development and the rest of the community.

Corcoran-SunCal and the BHA have dubbed the project “One Charlestown” because the motto best describes the goal to create a mixed-income community where new public housing units are alongside market and moderate-rate housing. The project will also bring the housing development out of isolation by reconnecting historic streets, adding shops and commerce as well as community parks and other amenities.

In June, Corcoran-SunCal and the BHA held a meeting involving the entire community at the Harvard Kent School where over 200 residents provided feedback.

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