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Thank you

Dear Editor

We cannot express fully the gratitude that we have towards the humble and gracious men of the Old Charlestown Schoolboys Association. From the May 12th edition of the paper, Mr. Gillen, President of the Old Charlestown Schoolboys Association, stated the following “This is a very important service for us and we really want to continue helping the young people here to continue to their studies.” Mr. Gillen, and the rest of the Old Charlestown Schoolboys Association, you have in fact given us, brothers, an opportunity to not only better ourselves, but also to better our community. Education has always been a focal point, a guidance in our family, and we commend you for striving to make further education more manageable for not only us, but for the youth of Charlestown. By educating ourselves, we strive to better the community that nourished us and gave us part of our identities. I, Peter, am a rising junior at Centre College. I, Hugh, am a rising freshman, attending Nichols College in the fall.

 Peter and Hugh O’Donnell

Jonathan Greatorex Scholarship Recipient

John B. O’Reilly Scholarship Recipient 


Thank you

Dear Editor:

On behalf of our seven children, my wife and I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the “Mummers” band. Through the years, they entertained tens of thousands of “Townies” with their unique brand of musical showmanship.  While the Bunker Hill Day relationship with the group seems to have come to a close, they provided the Charlestown community with lifelong memories from their “Monument” concerts and parade performances.  Again, thank you so much and “keep on marching.”

Kevin and Ann Marie Kelly

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