DiDomenico Leads Locals to New Hampshire for Clinton

By Katy Rogers

It’s been no secret that State Sen. Sal DiDomenico has been openly supporting Hillary Clinton and her campaign for president. As the New Hampshire and Massachusetts Primary Elections quickly approach, he has recently travelled to New Hampshire with many of his local supporters to put his energy behind that proclamation.

Despite the heavy rain, the Senator coordinated a group of local residents and fellow elected officials to canvas for Clinton in Rochester, New Hampshire on Sunday morning, Jan. 10. More than 35 residents from Everett, Chelsea, and surrounding communities congregated at the Senator’s home in Everett before making the bus journey beyond the New Hampshire border to hold signs and knock on doors for the Clinton campaign.

Sen. DiDomenico has been active in the Clinton campaign since its beginning, having attended several events in the past months with his family to show his support for her. He has attended her Town Hall gatherings and has spread the word by going door to door, having had the opportunity to meet her a handful of times during the campaign trail.

“I am supporting Hillary Clinton for president because she is the most qualified candidate in the race, and she shares my passion for issues that affect our families, neighbors and friends in the communities and throughout the nation,” he said.

Many of Clinton’s key issues include affordable healthcare, education, and clean energy, he said.

While continuing to show his support in New Hampshire, DiDomenico and his supporters intend to bring the canvasing back home once confident she will be ahead in the New Hampshire Primary Election, which will be held on Feb. 9, only a few days before the Massachusetts primary on March 1.

New Hampshire has proven to sometimes differ in results from its neighboring New England states over the years, and will be the second state, after Iowa, to kick off the Presidential Primary Elections this year. Hence, presidential hopefuls and their supporters are concentrating on visibility in the New Hampshire area in particular right now.

DiDomenico intends to canvas in New Hampshire at least three or four more times before Feb. 9, including the weekend before Election Day and on Election Day.

“We are working right up to Election Day to ensure a victory,” he said. “This race is so important that we are bringing our team to New Hampshire and beyond to show people why Hillary Clinton should be our next president. After the initial primary, we’ll shift focus to Massachusetts and do what we’re doing up there, down here.”

With a lot of supporters from his hometown in Everett, DiDomenico has been able to successfully make an impact on behalf of Clinton to members from the local community.

Along with DiDomenico, Everett’s State Rep. Joe  McGonagle, Councilor Mike Mangan and Councilor Michael McLaughlin have also openly expressed their interest in Clinton’s candidacy.

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