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I was caught off guard recently while reading my copy of the Weymouth News which happens to be one of five newspapers I write for on a regular basis. I started writing in the Weymouth weekly paper back 30 years ago after moving to the South Shore from Charlestown.

A colored photo taken at the start of the parade in Hayes Square was right there as I was reading the paper at Benson›s Garage in North Weymouth while waiting for my oil change to be completed.

 I still remember the parade quite well and had a little conversation with both NYPD Police Commissioner Billy Bratton and his lovely wife Rikki Klieman across from the shuttered St. Catherine’s church building. I also met Billy’s dad Bill Bratton Sr. who was raised in Charlestown.

It was  a great day for Bratton and his dad and also for Parade Chief Marshal Bobby O’Toole who have been good friends going back to their younger days on the Boston Police Department.

Bobby and I are both members of the Irish American Police Association of Massachusetts and I count the former Boston Police Deputy Superintendent as a good friend myself.

  It was also nice to see that Billy Bratton is still a Boston boy at heart and also nice to know that while he and I are about the same age, he is still six months older than me.

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