Winter Might Be Waning?

This past winter has been one for many longtime New Englanders not to forget.  We are not talking about the record snowfall. We are referring to the ceaseless cold that just keeps us bundled up in layers of clothes on a daily basis.

Last Friday, was the official first day of spring and of course the temperatures started at about 10 degrees and barely rose above the mid 20’s.  This cold has resulted in the snow piles just remaining on the streets and on the playing fields for local youth and high school sports team well past what anyone can recall.  There is still ice on the Charles River in Boston.  On Sunday at a soccer game in Lancaster, MA, temperatures were only in the 20’s with a 30 mile an hour wind.  Boy was that game torture both for the players on the field and the parents on the sideline as the cold made the two hours seem like six hours.

It is hard to believe, looking at our streets with five or six foot snowbanks that for the Catholic community, Palm Sunday is this Sunday and the start of Holy Week. If this cold does not break, our Easter finery will be covered under more layers of clothes.

However, all is not lost.

Starting on Wednesday, temperatures hit almost 50 degrees and night time temperatures will not be dipping much below freezing.

We had a small taste of spring a couple of weeks ago before we plunged back into the recent frigid temperatures. We look forward to walking around with lighter clothes like fleeces and being able to move more freely unlike feeling like the Michelin Tire commercial man.

Let’s hope that the temperatures of the coming week are here to stay.

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