Wynn to File Environmental Report Soon

A deadline for a final environmental report addressing traffic solutions has come and gone for Wynn Everett, but the casino developer has said it is working diligently with state agencies, that there will be no delays in the project and they will file very soon.

One of the next rungs on the ladder for the Wynn Everett project was filing its Supplemental Final Environmental Impact Report (SFEIR) with state regulators. The bulk of the voluminous environmental report has already been given a stamp of approval, but last fall regulators asked Wynn to work closely and thoughtfully on a supplemental report addressing traffic in locales such as Sullivan Square in Charlestown and Santilli Circle in Everett.

Since that time, numerous meetings have transpired with numerous agencies and community organizations, and it was expected that report would be filed on Jan. 30.

Wynn officials this week explained that they are working diligently with state officials to button up every aspect of the report, and were very close to filing.

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