Residents to Hold Public Meeting with Wynn Officials on February 11 at BHCC

A newly formed group looking to explore the idea of working collaboratively with Wynn Everett on mitigation and community involvement will hold its first meeting on Feb. 11 at Bunker Hill Community College in Charlestown.

Engaged Charlestown Residents, the new official name, will host the meeting from 6-9 p.m.

The meeting – spearheaded by Lynne Levesque and a group of other Charlestown residents – began the effort to work proactively with Wynn as a unified Charlestown front more than a month ago. Levesque said she and a few others got the idea when reading through the stipulations attached to the gaming license. One stipulation is that Wynn engages with the Charlestown community proactively.

When Levesque began exploring what that might mean, the idea to have an official meeting began to take form.

“Right now, this is a save-the-date announcement,” she said. “This will feature a presentation by Wynn and then a brainstorming session by those in the community.”

The agenda includes getting an update on the Wynn Everett project, learning details on the upcoming environmental report filing (which is expected Jan. 30), address questions/comments, brainstorming on how best to organize so as to work with Wynn, and defining the next steps to take for the group.

Wynn Everett is also a sponsor of the meeting, and it is expected that elected officials and, perhaps, even some City of Boston officials will be present.

Seth Daniel can be reached at [email protected].

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