National Park Service Seeks to Lease 2 Buildings in Navy Yard

Hoosac Stores Warehouse on Constitution Rd.

Hoosac Stores Warehouse on Constitution Rd.

The National Parks Services are calling for RFP’s for two properties located within the Charlestown Navy Yard.

Building 125 located on Baxter St. and the old Hoosac Stores Warehouse on Constitution Road will be offered for lease by the end of the month. The Boston National Historic Park will be accepting proposals for both properties in an effort to repurpose the historic buildings.

Building 125, built in 1905, sits on Pier 3 and was previously used as a navy paint shop. The two story, red brick building is just over 10,000 square feet in size with large glass windows to bring in natural light

Hoosac Stores Warehouse is a much larger facility at about 60,000 square feet. Built in 1895, the six story, red brick building was once used as a storehouse for goods being transferred from steamship to rail before the Navy Yard closed in 1974. The building sits adjacent to the USS Constitution.

This is not the first time the NPS has issued an RFP for the Hoosac Warehouse. In 2005 they accepted a proposal from the Architectural Heritage Foundation to redevelop the building as the new home of the North Bennet Street School. Based out of the North End the school teaches craft-making and other trades. The deal never came to fruition.

The NPS is hoping to see individuals and organizations submit unique proposals that will work well with the Charlestown Navy Yard’s vision to preserve the historical landmark.

“We are looking to get the building back in action. The best way to preserve these properties is to renovate and restore them,” said Sean Hennesssy, Director of Public Affairs at the NPS.

The NPS will issue RFP’s for both buildings by the end of the month.

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