Dr. Ralph Minear to Retire from MGH Charlestown

Ralph Minear, MD will retire from MGH Charlestown HealthCare Center on September 30, 2012.  Dr. Minear cared for several generations of Charlestown families in his 33 years of service at MGH Charlestown.

Dr. Minear joined MGH Charlestown in 1979 and served as the Chief of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine from 1987 until 2002.  Numerous medical students from Harvard University, Boston University, and Tufts University have worked with Dr. Minear over the years.  Additionally, Dr. Minear has written several books and been featured on numerous television and radio programs discussing pediatric health issues.  Most recently, he was instrumental in developing MGH Charlestown’s Healthy Actions Program for Patients and Youth (HAPPY), a  program focused on addressing childhood obesity in Charlestown.  HAPPY recognizes the influence of the entire household on the health of children.  Teaching and supporting healthy nutrition and physical activity for both adults and children in the home.

Dr. Minear received his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch and Master in Public Health from Harvard School of Public Health. He did his residency at Boston City Hospital. Prior to joining MGH, he was a fellow at the University Of Ceylon School Of Medicine working in rural health with community health aides to reduce the spread of parasitic infections. Dr. Minear also worked with the U.S. Public Health Service in Kentucky and Alabama, as well as international health programs in Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Sri Lanka.

Dr. Minear plans to spend time focusing on his writing and travel plans.

His physician partners, Drs. Mariette Murphy and Nic Pepe will care for his patients until a new pediatrician is hired.  Please call 617-724-8204 to schedule an appointment.

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