Olives Reopens to Great Fanfare

Chef Todd Englishclosing

Nothing caused more publicity and talk among culinary quarters in Boston than the reopening of Todd English’s magnum opus, Olives, which came back to life on Thursday, May 9.

Following a fire and a series of time consuming negotiations with insurance people, the restaurant began cooking food again after a nearly three year hiatus.

For English, it was the end of a long drought in his Charlestown favorite – which attracts diners from all over Greater Boston and which is noted for its up-scale menu and bar in surroundings that are gorgeously appointed.

Food celebrities Anne Burrell of the Food Network Show Secrets of a Restaurant Chef came in the first weekend the place was open. So too did TV legend, Fatboy Slim.

The re-opening of Olives was juxtaposed against the apparent closing of English’s downtown venue Kingfish Hall, which has reduced hours of operation and menu offerings.

In addition, English is allegedly being sued for $1 million he apparently owes in back rent for Kingfish Hall.

English said he was trying to renegotiate his lease.

In the past, Olives has attracted huge crowds of diners with distinctive taste.

The bar is much larger now at Olives than before. It seats 45 as compared with 15 before the fire.

He said the menu was a bit lighter owing to peoples’ declining taste for three and four course dinners.

He said he was going to concentrate on lighter dished and snacks, and a great array of wines now that the bar is at the center of the restaurant.

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