Celebration at Peter Looney Park Saturday Morning, 10:30 A.m.

Peter Looney Park is the place to be for Charlestown residents, parents and their children Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m.

Mayor Thomas Menino, City Councillor Sal LaMattina, Senator Sal DiDomenico, Representative Eugene O’Flaherty, and the membership of Charlestown Against Drugs, have invited all those men, women and children who take an interest in the well-being of Peter Looney Park to gather for fun and entertainment there on Saturday morning.

According to the wishes of the late Mr. Looney, one of this neighborhood’s best loved individuals who died last year following a battle with lung cancer, there was to be a get together once a year on the anniversary of the dedication of the park to celebrate – and this is exactly what is going to happen Saturday morning.

It has been a year since the park was dedicated with impressive ceremonies. Mr. Looney was still alive at the time of the dedication and spoke wonderful words of love and affection for his family, his friends, and for his beloved hometown.

Mr. Looney and Charlestown were inseparable. One didn’t really go without the other.

He died shortly after the park was dedicated and it was at that time that Mayor Menino and Councillor LaMattina agreed to honor Mr. Looney’s wishes for a once a year get together or celebration as it is being called.

Saturday morning there will be face painters, a puppet show, a bit of spring cleaning, refreshments and everyone is invited.

It will be a celebration to remember and it will give all those who knew Mr. Looney a chance to celebrate his life and to think upon what he meant to this tightly knit community.

Please come to Peter Looney Park Saturday morning for the celebration.

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