Father Mahoney

April 12, 2012

Father Daniel Mahoney, the former chair of the Life Focus Center (LFC) felt he had to make the very tough decision this week of asking the LFC board  for the resignation of Jack Millerick as director of the LFC. When the board he headed refused to do so, Father Mahoney resigned.

Knowing what it is to be a member of this closely knit community, Father Mahoney’s action was a profile in courage. For even though he considered Millerick a friend, he  believed that friendship could not stand in the way of doing what is right.

Father Mahoney has once again shown his strength and the measure of his convictions.

But most of all, he has shown his honesty.

He remains a real leader and a man of great integrity.

He doesn’t hate Jack Millerick, rather, he’s deeply disappointed in him.

He wishes none of this happened – but it did and FatherMahoney acted accordingly.

  • hortlady

    My children  went to the life focus center for many years and its very upsetting to them that the center will be closeing in june.I wish thay could have done any thing but close it,its not fair to the people that go there every day it saddens me to see this happen.We all make misstakes in life is there no forgivens in this world.I know God is a forgiveing person what about people.I hope every one understands how it is for the people that will be miss placed by this.

  • Butchie Doe fan

    If former Boston City Councilor is serving two years in a Federal Penitentary, then Jack Millerick should do Life Without Parole for stealing at least $130,000 of tax payers money.