State Auditor Investigating Life Focus Center Expenses

State Auditor Suzanne Bump announced last week that her office is investigating possible wrongdoing with as much as $2 million of questionable expenses reported by the Life Focus Center.

Located at 1 City Square, Charlestown, and headed by former Charlestown resident Jack Millerick, the LFC cares for the severely handicapped relying for a great deal of its yearly budget on state funding.

“There are a lot of questions about this organization’s willingness to play by the rules,” said Bump.

Bump said her investigators found $2.3 million in questionable expenses charged to the state at the LFC. She said the expenses were for everything from staffing to travel credit cards.

She has since asked for immediate repayment of $123,000 in credit cards expenses.

In local circles, news of the investigation into alleged wrongdoing at the LFC was met with anger, shock and amazement.

“I am dismayed. I am waiting for this to play out. We need answers and we need them soon,” said Tom Cunha of the Charlestown Neighborhood Council.

“The Life Focus Center is the crown jewel of this neighborhood’s efforts for the severely handicapped. I hope the program continues. It must continue,” Cunha added.

Bump claims there are insufficient records to substantiate their billings to the state, their reports of time spent caring for the handicapped and the disabled and their credit card expenditures.

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