Welcome, Captain Thomas Lee

Replacing Captain O’Rourke is Captain Thomas Lee. Captain Lee inherits command of District A-1 and Charlestown.

We do not know Captain Lee but we suspect he was chosen to command this district because of his skills – and they must be manifold.

He has already begun his duties.

He will shortly be meeting with Charlestown residents and has already met with North residents, an area which he also commands.

Captain Lee was a Deputy Superintendent of the Mobile Operations division and he is considered an expert on Homeland Security.

That part of his knowledge alone will make him an instant big hit locally because so many residents are concerned about the LNG tanks across the Mystic and their potential to rain down ruin on this neighborhood if it was the subject of a terrorist attack.

We know he will find his new command challenging and rewarding at the same time.

He has taken over a command that has him as the law and order point man for some of the leading neighborhoods in this city.

We welcome Captain Lee.

We look forward to getting to know him.

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