Police Investigate Attacks on Women

Police still have no suspects in the string of attacks on women in Charlestown.

Police are warning residents, especially women, to be vigilant as they beef up patrols in the neighborhood.

Last Wednesday evening, a woman was knocked to the ground and repeatedly kicked by a group of thugs on High Street.

When the woman would not let go of her purse one of the assailants told the other to “kick her harder.”

Last week’s attack was very similar to an attack a few days earlier police said.

In each case a woman was targeted by 2 to 3 young males going after the victim’s purse. What makes the similarities between both cases scary is that both women were knocked to the group and viciously kicked in the head until they gave up thier purse.

The High Street victim was later helped by a witness and described her assailants as being between the ages of 12 and 15.

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