Police Briefs 11-03-2011

10/24/11 – Service to Other Department

Officers responded to the Tobin Bridge for a person threatening to jump. Officers were able to take the person into custody without incident.

10/26/11 – Breaking and Entering, Non-residence

Officers responded to First Avenue for a reported breaking and entering. Upon arrival they observed a middle front door window smashed in. Officers did a search of the building but were unable to tell, at this time, if anything was taken. The building was secured pending notification of the owner.

10/28/11 – Drugs

As a result of an investigation on Medford Street an individual was issued a citation for possession of marijuana.

10/29/11 – Robbery

A victim on Austin Street reports she was approached by a young black male in black clothing. The suspect then placed his hand in his jacket pocket, stated “I have a gun,” and took the victims cell phone from her pocket. Suspect then fled towards the housing developments.

10/28/11 – Larceny

A victim on Monument Avenue stated to police unknown person(s) stole from his back yard a recycling bin, two outdoor patio boxes, a cast iron plant urn and two pumpkins.

10/30/11 – Investigate Person

A resident of Cedar Street informed officers he observed a white male wearing a white zippered sweatshirt and dark pants enter his sons vehicle. The witness attempted to detain the suspect but the suspect managed to get away running towards the Bunker Hill development. Officers searched the area to no avail.

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