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Stoneham 6, Charlestown 0 

The Charlestown GU14-1 team traveled to Stoneham on a crisp fall day for their 6th match of the season. The Townies played a very good first half similar to how they dominated possession in their last game against Melrose. The defense held strong for much of the first half with defenders Bryn O’Hara, Caroline Collier, and Caroline Adduci doing well to keep the team organized and marking all Stoneham players. Much of the first half was played in the midfield with both teams battling for possession of the ball looking for the breakthrough. Midfielders Josie Hoyt and Kalthuma Mohamed played tough against the Stoneham midfield players leaving very little room for Stoneham to string passes together.  Goalkeeper Lauren Sweeney did extremely well and made 5 big saves during the first half to keep the Townies in striking distance. In the 28th minute, The Townies suffered an unlucky bounce which led to a breakaway for Stoneham. The Stoneham forward took the ball forward and scored making the score going into half time 1-0.

The 2nd half kicked off much of the same way the first did. The midfield was still very compact with Hoyt and Mohamed winning several balls in the middle of the field. Forward Maeve Fittz did well creating chances  dribbling the ball down the wing and putting crosses into the box for Isabelle Charbonnier and Sophie Shea, and Annie Coviello. The Townies fought hard on the defensive end, but a few goals from long range got through the team leading to the Stoneham 2nd half goals. The Townies never gave up and continued to threaten the Stoneham goal until the referee blew his whistle signaling full time.

The Townies next game will be this Saturday, October 22, 2011 at 4pm v. Wakefield.

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