City Square Park Friends Deserve Vote of Thanks

The Friends of City Square Park, arguably one of the most treasured of Charlestown’s public spaces, is the recipient of a Department of Conservation and Recreation Matching Fund Program grant.

The Friends contributed $10,000 which was matched with a $20,000 contribution which totals $30,000.

The funding will be used for Park renovations and upgrades.

The DCR is showing a great deal of interest in our facilities and this grant is an example of that interest.

We thank the DCR for their largesse.

The park will be better after investing further in it.

More importantly, it is a profound example of how much interest in this park is being shown by the Friends, who should be complimented for the type of activism which led to this grant.

The Friends were formed in 1994.

There are more than 250 members.

What is most obvious about this group is this: they care.

City Square Park is a gem to be proud of, so too is the activism shown by the Friends.

Nice work well done.

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