Charlestown Youth Turns to Google to Combat Storm

On Groundhog Day, as Charlestown received yet another snowstorm, although this one mixed with sleet and rain, a local kid turned to Google technology to solve a major problem for his neighbors.   As the rain poured down, melting the piles of snow, a blocked storm drain created a small lake of water and slush about a foot deep at the corner of Russell and Sullivan streets. A small group of neighbors tried for over an hour to dig and try to remember where the storm drain was hidden under several feet of old snow, but soon were ready to give up and wait for city workers to arrive. Just then, Sam Lowery (shown above) of Russell Street, a Warren-Prescott 5th Grader, had the right idea: use technology.  He suggested going to use Google Earth to retrieve a nice summertime picture of where the storm drain was located.  Within minutes he had an accurate photo of where to dig, and within hours, the lake blocking Russell Street was draining away before freezing solid later in the night.  Many neighbors congratulated Lowery on his Google moment.  City workers eventually arrived on a very busy day and expressed thanks for Lowery’s efforts.

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