Letter to the Editor

Awaken the Sleeping Giant

Dear Editor,

There comes a time when younger generations must take the reins from older generations. In Charlestown today, 42% of the population is aged 25-44, 11% is aged 45-54, and only 22% is aged 55+. This neighborhood has the highest percentage per capita of children aged 0-9 (about 15%) in the City of Boston, which is a testament to its family-oriented nature, however, that percentage sadly drops in half as the children age beyond 10 years. We as a neighborhood must address the issues that are causing families to leave in order to become a stronger community.

The time of apathy must end. The Millennial, Gen X, and Gen Z members of this neighborhood who would like to stay long term, or those willing to help, need to get more involved. We must voice our concerns about the future of Charlestown, whether it be the elementary, middle, or high school options, lack of family sized housing, deceitful development practices, city services, or other issues. We must be informed, united, and willing to work together for the common goal of making Charlestown an even better place to live because a divided citizenry gets nothing accomplished and allows for corruption, and corruption is The Enemy of a just society. We must leave our egos and selfishness behind, as our priority is the community and not the notoriety of individual accomplishments.

We must also realize the power of voting. In the last city election, voter turnout across the city was pathetically low at 18.97%. Charlestown was slightly above the city average at 20.01%, which is unacceptable if this neighborhood is to be taken seriously given its small population. Civic participation and a high voter turnout are especially important as they show that citizens care deeply and are involved. We must become a neighborhood of Super Voters, voting in every election no matter how big or small.

In closing, the future of Charlestown can be even brighter if the next generations accept the responsibility of stewardship. It is the right thing to do, and the world needs more people doing the right thing.

Philip Carr III

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