City of Boston Reminds Residents To Respond to 2023 Annual Resident Listing

The City of Boston’s Election Department is reminding residents of the importance of responding to the Annual Resident Listing. The 2023 Boston Annual Resident Listing helps provide information for the fair planning and distribution of City services. The information collected is used to provide access to a fair jury and helps maintain an accurate and up to date voter list.

Registered voters must respond to the Boston Annual Resident Listing in order to keep their registration active. Residents can check their voting status or register to vote at

The Annual Resident Listing does not register one to vote. Residents can register to vote online, in-person at the Boston Election Department, or by calling (617) 635-8683 (VOTE) to have a form mailed to them.

Included with the 2023 Boston Annual Resident Listing is the City of Boston Childcare Survey. The survey, administered by the Office of Early Childhood provides data on the needs of parents with children ages 0-5 to inform policy and programming. Residents can fill out the Childcare Survey and return it with their response to the Boston Annual Resident Listing in the prepaid envelope provided or online at The survey is available in Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Haitian Creole, and Cape Verdean Creole.

How to respond:

• By mail: Residents can return the completed forms to the Election Department using the prepaid envelope that is provided to all households as part of the mailing.

• Respond online: Visit to respond to the Boston Annual Resident Listing. Translations are available online. 

• Printable mail-in version: If for any reason residents did not receive the Boston Annual Resident Listing or if the mailing was misplaced, a printable version is available online at or by calling (617) 635-8683 (VOTE).

• Call the Election Department: Residents can call (617) 635-8683 (VOTE), Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., to speak to a representative about completing the census.

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